Playfully find

your REAL SELF and observe how harmony, joy and happiness enter your life

Stop taking wrong paths! Here you will find the only one that is yours


Hello! I'm Alex!

Nice to meet you here!

Have you ever felt something like a wall between "you now" and "possible you" who lives completely different - amazing and colorful life full of fascinating moments? If you felt, that means you caught a feeling of your REAL SELF -  a beautiful, capable, talented person who can achieve everything or just be happy without getting anything.             


I'm your personal coach - a life builder whose mission is to break the wall separating you from your REAL SELF. The point is that we can be happy only when we find our own unique path and start moving along it naturally. I named my coaching system Life-Play. It can be easily noticed from that name that it is developed with an objective to achieve and live a happy life in a playful manner. So, no stress and overwhelming things anymore. Life is a game, and let's play it! 

I am not going to teach you how to live because you yourself know everything perfectly well (but deep inside). Life is such a thing that you just don't know that you already know everything. So, my task is to return you to yourself and present necessary tools which allow you to stay on your natural path and build a happy and harmonious life.

Welcome to yourself! Let's do it!




Get a few free sessions remotely right now, notice the speed and efficiency of solving any of your problems. 

You will see how your life almost instantly begins to change for the better and decide for yourself, whether you want to continue this exciting journey or stay where you are.

Become a Master of yourself and your life. Get as much money and other resources as you need. Get rid of the burden of injuries, suffering, harsh experiences, depressions and mistakes of the past. Become your real self, live easily in the present, live a life full of joy, happiness and achievements. 

Get effective tools for further independent work to improve yourself, your environment and the world you live in.

What does psychology actually study?

What does the phrase "personal development" mean exactly? Study the information presented on the site about our mind, soul and perception of the world, about the causes of our suffering, misfortune, failure, depression, bad mood, and so on. Find out, why some of your dreams never come true, and what you need to do in order to change situation for the better.