What is Life-Play? 

First, let's look at how my concept "Life-Play" fits in the context of psychology, coaching and personal development.


Life-Play is a complex of special coaching, psychological, psychotherapeutic and spiritual techniques aimed at the development of a person's awareness of himself/herself and of his/her own life, other people and the world as a whole. These techniques are as well directed at the restoration and improvement of all abilities available to the individual.


A good Life Player has exact, almost mathematically verified methods and tools by means of which it is possible to create nearly  miracles, starting with a disposal of any psychological problems (fears and phobias, self-doubt, various addictions, problems with communication, learning, personal life, etc.) and finishing with acquisition of the ability to literally CREATE your life as you want it to be. Yeah, it's almost magical. Yes, thoughts are material, and our psyche is a very accurate and effective tool of a wizard, allowing you to achieve anything. Unfortunately, only a few people are able to use this tool correctly.

Life-Play and

a future man

Currently, there are different types of coaching and approaches to its implementation. Most of them coincide in goals and methods, but there are also differences, and sometimes they are significant. I will not write about them here in detail. If you have a desire to get more understanding on the topic, you can find all necessary information yourselves. Perhaps, in the future I will devote a few articles to this issue. But now I want to talk a little about my personal approach to coaching, which is close to the approach of metapsychology. This term was first introduced by Freud and meant something that goes beyond psychology - that deepest, spiritual, almost invisible and unknowable "I", which is something like "Super - I", or super-consciousness.


Later the same term was used (with the same meaning) by our contemporary - Frank A. Gerbode, a British psychiatrist, who devoted his life to a deep study of human psyche and the peculiarities of our perception of the world and personal experience. He laid the foundation for a new direction in study of the laws of human psyche functioning and developed effective practical methods to quickly and effectively solve the problems and challenges that I mentioned above. Many of these methods originate from ancient techniques of meditation and various kinds of magical and spiritual practices aimed at accelerating the evolution of human and his/her transformation into a more developed, capable and happy being. Gerbode also found out, based on his extensive practical experience and knowledge taken from other eminent psychologists, psychotherapists and psychiatrists, that the most effective way to provide a person with any coaching or psychological assistance is to use his/her own unique perception of the world, views and values, allowing that person to become aware of everything about his/her own self and inner personal world. After all, every human is unique. And the task of coach or therapist is only to show the client the right direction of working with self, to support and help on the way of creating a happier life, and nothing more. I fully agree with that, and my coaching system Life-Play is built on the analogical principles.

I foresee that in the coming decades this knowledge will be available to every man starting from the very childhood, and humanity will finally come closer to creating what has been dreamed of for so long - Paradise on Earth. Of course, with all the restrictions here - death, gravity, and other troubles. But you have the opportunity, without waiting for this happy time to come, to begin applying such knowledge and skills right now, not postponing your life.

The most valuable thing in my coaching sessions is the use of the so-called PURE APPROACH, meaning that the client is not fed with instructions, someone else's visions or values. For him, special conditions are created, in which he INDEPENDENTLY finds, realizes and solves his problems, INDEPENDENTLY, at a deep level, determines his REAL needs and desires, which are waiting for their realization. Then, having discovered his/her TRUE IDENTITY, TRUE TALENTS AND ABILITIES, having eliminated all existing INTERNAL CONFLICTS, PAIN AND BLOCKING, the client begins to live a FULL LIFE, with the speed of a jet plane, with passion and interest, effortlessly achieving everything he/she wishes, easily and naturally. About how and why it is possible you can learn more from the articles that will be later published here in the section MY ARTICLES.


In the meantime, I recommend you to sign up for a free session and feel its effects in practice. In order to use electricity, knowledge of the theoretical foundations of its origin and action is not necessary. The same applies to Life-Play. Here it should be noted that achieving a good level of well-being and personal effectiveness often doesn't require much time. Sometimes just a couple of sessions is enough for a SIGNIFICANT improvement of person's life. Life-Play is an ACCELERATED and IMPROVED meditation, psychological and spiritual practice, leading you to the improvement of mind, spirit and body and to the transformation into a new type of person - happy, harmonious, able to manage his/her own life in all aspects, starting from the creation of mood and ending with the construction of any environment around (relationships, family, social circle, occupation and any circumstances/scenarios of life). Of course, such person can create a cash flow of any volume, as well as any material benefits that he/she needs.

A complete cycle of Personal Coaching includes:

  • Getting rid of psychological consequences of physical and emotional traumas, various kinds of losses, disappointments, failures and the like. 

  • Elimination of fears and phobias, recurring life problems, any internal and external conflicts and blocking which prevent from living well and hinder the realization of the desired things and events (including self-sabotage, procrastination and shifting personal responsibility to other people, society, circumstances and so on).  

  • Stabilization of the psyche, creation of self-confidence and a sense of peace, joy and harmony in life.

  • A clear awareness of who you really are beneath the superficial layer of social and cultural programming, meeting your REAL deep needs and desires, freedom from everything superfluous and unnecessary with the release of powerful internal resources to achieve your REAL goals.

  • Deep elaboration on life goals and scenarios based on identified needs. Creating a COMPLETE and CLEAR model of yourself and your place in life, identify all areas that need to be adjusted in strict accordance with your inner desire (personal life, family, career, leisure, education, hobbies, and so on).

  • Creating a clear and harmonious individual life strategy with a step-by-step plan to achieve identified goals.

  • Providing the client with effective techniques and tools for self-work in order to achieve the status of MASTER and OWNER of his/her own life.



The author of this website is not a psychologist, psychiatrist or psychotherapist. Life-Play is a coaching system of effective self-realization, building your own life, finding and accelerating the achievement of the goals which are "really yours", as well as solving many internal and external problems. Please, do not confuse "normal" psychological problems (fear of starting something new, fear of relationships or public speaking, self-doubt, disappointment, low self-esteem, etc.) with mental disorders and diseases. Services provided here are provided only for the people with a healthy stable psyche. Persons who have or suspect having mental disorders or diseases are recommended to contact appropriate specialists.  


The use of any technique of working with consciousness (even the common classical meditation) is a kind of risk. The author warns that Life-Play is a strong and serious tool for changing life, and your life WILL CHANGE in any case of using of this tool. The author is not responsible for the outcomes of such changes, because YOU and ONLY YOU YOURSELF are responsible for THE WAY your life changes.


Thus, if you suffer from mental or emotional disorders, your psyche is unstable or you are just not ready for changes, this system is not for you.