• Alex Gavrish


What is Karma? Karma is your REPEATING life experience and situations. Widely put, all your life is your karma (because every day you continue TO BE a human being - and this is also a REPEATING EXPERIENCE).

Have you ever noticed that many people have situations which are REGULARLY REPEATED? They may be NEGATIVE or POSITIVE (so, it is negative or positive karma).

I will give you examples of NEGATIVE KARMA: Some people may always choose alcoholics or other addicts as their spouse, no matter how many times they divorce and get married again. Some persons regularly meet hooligans, robbers or simply bad people everywhere around. Somebody may regularly lose jobs or friends, or face other kinds of REGULAR failure.

How to get rid of such NEGATIVE KARMA?

Read the detailed explanation below.

Negative karma is always a lesson for us to learn. And it is not necessarily about your fault. Of course, if you are a criminal and get your punishment - this is about your fault, so that you could understand and stop doing bad things. But this is something that we are usually AWARE OF, so we are able to make deliberate choice between good and bad and correct our life path. Unfortunately, in most cases we attract negative life experiences again and again UNCONSCIOUSLY just because we had (or observed indirectly – in family, on streets or even on TV) similar negative life situations IN THE PAST, and our strong emotional reactions created an energetic relationship between our life and such situations. The more negative situations we have, the stronger our negative beliefs become, and, respectively, the worse our life becomes. Unconscious karma as a teacher shows us our NEGATIVE BELIEFS about life, people and ourselves. Karma wants us to change our beliefs from negative to positive or at least to neutral.  When the lesson is learnt, the negative situations stop to come. Unfortunately, common optimism and positive thinking do not help us a lot because our unconscious mind is much stronger than conscious, so we need special techniques to work with unconsciousness. Why do you think Buddhists meditate so much? They work with their unconscious mind and eliminate their karma. LIFE-PLAY coaching sessions work the same way and even better. They facilitate the elimination of your negative karma: you live through your negative experience and learn your lessons during a COACHING SESSION, and it prevents the appearance of negative situations in your REAL LIFE. You can’t believe? Try sessions for free and feel the results yourself. Even 1 or 2 sessions can change your life.

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