• Alex Gavrish


When you feel very bad or desperate, and it seems like everything and everybody is against you, it is time to go inside yourself. Go there, escape into your own inner world. Live there, create everything you want - you are the whole Universe and even more! Even if you think that this is not helpful, still do it. Enjoy your shiny world that you created inside, try to be the Sun for yourself. If you devote enough time to it, you will notice little changes in outside world - it will look more and more like what you have created inside. It is very important to pay attention to every little positive change that you notice and avoid everything bad and negative. Try to understand and remember, that your inner world is more real than the one which is outside, though it seems to us otherwise. Congratulate yourself with every little victory and success, every joy and smile you get. If you persist, everything outside will change.

That's how you create your own personal reality. You just persist on creating everything you want inside - love, friendship, money, situations and so on. LIFE-PLAY facilitates this process, and you move hundred times faster. Join LIFE-PLAY and enjoy your life!

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