• Alex Gavrish

Why only love and sincerity are real, and the rest things are illusion

Have you ever noticed that sometimes when you lose your success, position, money, house or other material things, you also lose some people who had been around till this happened to you? That means only that they didn't really love you, they were not sincere towards you. They loved your success, money, property, connections and so on. And when you lose all that you considered as success, you are able to observe the reality: it is what stays around you. Usually it's just a couple of real friends and your loved ones.

Unfortunately, while chasing the illusory success, you may forget about and lose real things on the way - your real friends and loved ones. Such are hard lessons of life. Don't chase illusions, there is only emptiness inside. No career, money or property will fill your soul and make you happy. You will never enjoy the relationships or communication that are not sincere, feeling more and more empty inside. Material things are important, but they are secondary. Love and sincerity should come first, and that is a proper way to a real life success, no matter what career, money or appearance you have. Save and care of real things in your life - sincere friends and true love. They will stay with you till the very end and probably beyond because love is eternal. Only love and nothing more.

That's why it is so important to find your Real Self - to open your heart and soul, to start listening to them. Otherwise you can not be sincere even with yourself, and you will do things which are not sincere and will be surrounded by the people who are not sincere with you. This is a wrong path full of lie and things that are not real at all.

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