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Why our dreams and goals do not come true. Part 1 - Know-how.

Updated: Mar 15, 2019

Life is very simple, and we always get exactly what we choose. Sounds strange to you? Hold this phrase in your head, write it on posters and hang them everywhere around you. Otherwise you will forget it even after reading this post. Just because our mind apparatus is quite tricky. But we will try to handle it.

So, let's try to figure out how we get something into our lives.

First of all, let me share with you one of the basic and most important laws of our Universe: Our thoughts are material, and we create our personal reality with our own thoughts. If we could easily understand and implement this law, we would have everything we want. Unfortunately, most of us cannot. Even when we follow positive thinking or various coaching and philosophy systems, we still are not able to achieve our dreams and goals in most of the cases. Why? Why positive thinking doesn't work? Why after reading and watching series of books and movies like "Secret - Law of Attraction" your life still hasn't changed drastically? Most of life-changing courses or coaching sessions also don't bring us really valuable outcomes.

I offer you an explanation here. Please, remember that this is only my personal point of view. I do not claim it as an objective and final true. I consider it as something that came out of my personal experience and coincided with some spiritual and scientific knowledge accumulated by mankind. This applies to the rest material on this site as well. It is also difficult to express and convey my idea with such an imperfect tool as words. Any individual perceives and understands any word in his own unique way, so that the same message always implies different meaning for different people. And sometimes the difference can be ridiculously great. The good news is that you can check at your own experience everything I offer. Just use it as an experimental model, work with it and see what happens. Your experience will tell you everything better than any words.

Now let's continue. Life is very simple, and we always get exactly what we choose. Still sounds strange... Was it really our choice to have all the negative life experiences like living in dire conditions, having problems in relationships, lacking money and so on? Unfortunately, the answer is "yes". If you look carefully at yourself and your surrounding you will notice that what you have outside is the exact reflection of your inner world - your beliefs, your thoughts and feelings. All of this was chosen and created by you. Only you are responsible for everything you have, be it good or bad. And in most cases it is very hard to see and accept it. Sometimes truth hides very deep. The question is did you really wanted to create negative experience? If not, than why did you create it? (or, if you deny your own responsibility, than how was it created and who created it?). The biggest problem here is to notice HOW you create positive or negative experiences in your own reality and HOW you make your choices. This problem is the most important, and we will talk about it in details later.

In my opinion and according to my experience we create our lives and personal realities with our own thoughts strengthened by our emotions. And most of the positive thinking systems have the same idea: think positively, get rid of negative thoughts and emotions, and that's it. I should say, in common this approach is proper. The problem is that very few systems offer us clear and reliable tools for actually doing it in practice. So, we are caught in a situation when we know WHAT to do, but we don't know HOW. And we need to know WHAT to do and HOW to do it in order to control our mind and get mostly positive and desirable experiences into our lives. In other words, we need reliable tools and practical skills for managing our own mind and emotions. It's impossible to construct a beautiful building without appropriate education, tools and skills. The same applies to the construction of life. And the purpose of my site and blog is to give you proper tools, so that you would be able to create and live a beautiful life.

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