• Alex Gavrish

You are the creator of your personal reality!

What does it mean? It means that you create everything in your life with your own thoughts and emotions which materialize your Inner Universe into outside world.

Thus, your life - your relationships, friends, occupation and income, your house, car or bike, all your surrounding and all life scenarios, experiences and circumstances - is YOUR OWN CREATION.

The MAGIC TOOL of creation choosing from billions of thoughts, mental images and feelings existing inside your Inner Universe is your ATTENTION.

BASIC LAW: We always create EXACTLY what our ATTENTION is drawn to. Unfortunately, most of our choices are made UNCONSCIOUSLY, because our ATTENTION makes choices automatically, without our conscious will. That's why together with positive we still get NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES, even if CONSCIOUSLY we don't want them. What to do? Read the info below.

LIFE-PLAY coaching system was created to give you effective tools to control your own ATTENTION, THOUGHTS AND EMOTIONS. If you are able to control your ATTENTION, you can rule the whole WORLD. Yes, this skill is THAT POWERFUL. With LIFE-PLAY you become a Master of your life and personal reality, easily and naturally achieving any of your goals.

What we do: 1. We discover and resolve your inner conflicts preventing you from achieving or even having your goals (your unconscious intentions always conflict with conscious ones, so sometimes you can not even start doing something or just quit very quickly after you started, or you lose any interest and stop having any goals at all). 2. We set you free from emotional traumas and pains, mental blocking and negative thoughts (many coaching systems advise to avoid negative things and think positively, but most of them don't explain HOW to do it. We HAVE powerful techniques to solve this problem and we know HOW to do it in practice). 3. We discover your NATURAL DEEP SINCERE WISHES and create a step-by-step plan in order to realize your goals and dreams into reality with almost 100 percent guarantee, thus setting you on YOUR UNIQUE LIFE PATH. 4. You become your REAL SELF - a beautiful talented person living a happy life naturally and easily. 5. Everything goes in an easy and playful manner (that's why we call it LIFE-PLAY coaching). Coaching sessions are conducted in the form of a dialogue between a coach and a client via Skype, Viber or WhatsApp (only audio connection is required, video is not necessary). First sessions are delivered FREE OF CHARGE, so that the client would be able to decide if coaching sessions meet his/her expectations.  Follow alexlifeplay on Instagram! Write me in Instagram Direct or in WhatsApp or Viber (phone number +79260555523) and get your first FREE coaching session (or ask any questions you have). Change your life! Think different! Stay with LIFE-PLAY!

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